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How to split the Mortgage/Marital Home During Divorce

What can I do to safeguard my credit since my ex was awarded the home in our divorce? I can understand why this is concerning you; a divorce is a stressful experience all by itself. That stress is compounded by the challenge of separating…

Your Mortgage and Trended Data Credit Reports

Your Mortgage and Trended Data Credit Reports The phrase trended credit data may not mean much to you now. But if you’re shopping for a home loan anytime soon, it will. Also referred to as historical, longitudinal or time-series data,…
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Diversifying your credit card usage amongst different credit issuers to help with safety and possibly improving your credit score.

A Common Myth About Paying Off Debts

The myths about what debts people think they should pay off and which debts they really should pay off.

Will Your Credit Score go down 200 to 300 points because of a Short-Sale or Foreclosure?

Understand that not all credit scores will be affected the same, that your credit score is unique to you and what is reported about you to the credit bureaus will have a different outcome due to many factors.